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Competition NOVUS

Pitch us your innovative business idea, and win up to 6 months of free membership - including access to incubator space, business mentorship, and a fully equipped MakerSpace.


This competition has been started with Undergraduate Students, Graduate Students, and University Faculty in mind.


However, we would welcome anyone with a brilliant idea to submit a pitch!


We will be providing a template for your team's submission, and depending on your current education level and how far along you currently are with your innovation, we will require slightly varying details for each submission.

Whether your team consists of final-year undergrads with a pet project, grad students with research of commercial value, or even first-year university students with a bright idea, we will have templates that cater to every type of innovative entrepreneur.

In general, details required from every submission include:

  • Description of Proposed Idea/Innovation

  • Description of Business Model

  • Description on how it supports the fight against Climate Change, or the achievement of the UN SDGs (and which one(s))


Everything required can be found in the appropriate template, to be downloaded below.

University students w/out existing project work or research

Undergrad & Grad students or Faculty w/ existing project work or research

Anyone else with a bright idea


All teams will need to submit their completed templates by 1st July 2021.


  1. You will submit your completed template via email

  2. Rename your completed template into: SUBMISSION - [Team/Project name]​

  3. The subject of your email should be: SUBMISSION - [Team/Project name]​​

  4. The body of your email should contain a brief description of your innovation and team
    (this can be copied from your completed template)

  5. Attach your completed template and any other required materials to the email

If you have any queries, email:

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