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A purpose-driven enterprise, to create a platform for ambitious engineers and innovators in Singapore to combat Climate Change through Innovation Driven Enterprises.




We see the challenges the world faces that the UN's Sustainable Development Goals seek to address for "a better and more sustainable future for all by 2030".


Our mission is to support people to create innovations which will help us achieve these Goals.

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making a difference for and on behalf of singapore

This IDE incubator has been established solely to help engineers and innovators make the world a better place.


All revenues generated by the Lab will be put back into improving the Lab for the IDEs. We will not require IDEs to give up any equity to use the Lab.


a group of mentors will be on hand to help bring new innovations to market, local and international, faster and more effectively.


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How IDE(A)S Lab will help

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Regular small medium-sized enterprise (SME)

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INNovation driven enterprise (IDE)

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IDE Assisted by ide(a)s lab

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Fully Equipped Makerspace

We have the necessary equipment and resources to help manufacture and test prototypes.

What IDE(A)S Lab Offers

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